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Winter Wedding Tips

Winter Wedding Tips

Congratulations on your winter wedding!

Winter weddings can be absolutely stunning. When planning your perfect winter wedding, there are some things to keep in mind for your special day: 

Choose an Indoor Venue

While outdoor weddings can be beautiful, it’s important to keep in mind potential weather issues during the winter. In many cases, it’s just too cold to hold a ceremony or reception outside. It’s best to choose an indoor venue with plenty of space for both the ceremony and reception. If elect to have an outdoor ceremony or reception, make sure to have weather-appropriate backup locations at your venue.

Plan for Guest Comfort

It’s important to consider your guests when planning a winter wedding. Have plenty of heaters set up to keep the space warm and comfortable for everyone. If possible, provide your guests with blankets or shawls to help them stay warm.

Embrace the Winter Theme

Winter weddings are magical, so don’t be afraid to embrace the winter theme. Incorporate elements like snowflakes, tree centrepieces, and winter white details into your decor. This will help create a cozy, romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for a winter wedding.

Dress for the Weather

Winter weddings require a little more thought when it comes to attire. You’ll want to choose a gown that will keep you warm, such as one with long sleeves or a high neckline.

Serve Warm Drinks and Comfort Food

What’s more perfect for a winter wedding than hot cocoa or mulled cider? Serve up warm drinks and comfort food, such as soup, to warm your guests up from the inside out. Don’t forget to include a dessert bar full of wintery treats, such as gingerbread or peppermint bark.


By following these tips, your winter wedding is sure to be magical and unforgettable.

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